Victory Non-Admitted

Victory® Non-Admitted

Small Artisan Contractor General Liability

The Victory® Non-Admitted Contractor Program now allows service and repair work in condominiums, townhomes and HOA’s and is underwritten by a Non-Admitted carrier rated A- by A.M. Best Co. This program also accepts B licensed remodelers, including structural remodelers, artisan contractors performing new residential work in custom homes and now offers limits from $300,000/$300,000/$300,000 to $1,000,000/$2,000,000/$2,000,000 for all risks. Please see below for more information.

Available with Contractors Miscellaneous Tools and Small Equipment Coverage ($5,000 limit for equipment valued under $1,500 / $1,000 deductible applies). Underwritten by an Admitted carrier rated A- by A.M. Best Co. Click on this link to see more: Contractors Miscellaneous Tools and Small Equipment Coverage

  • Risks with less than two (2) years of experience in the Applicant's trade
  • Risks with operations not specifically listed on the program classification and rate schedule
  • Contractors acting in the capacity of a General Contractor on new construction, as a builder, project manager or developer
  • Risks which engage in Maritime operations
  • Risks which sponsor sporting or social events
  • Risks engaging in the renting or leasing of equipment to others
  • Risks engaging in the selling or manufacturing of products sold under the Applicant's name
  • New residential construction of condominiums, townhouses, or "tract housing developments" in which more than 15 houses or dwelling units have been built or are in any stage of development, planning or construction
  • Construction management for a fee
  • Exterior work exceeding three (3) stories in height
  • Public street, road or highway work
  • Power line construction
  • Spraying, tree trimming, tree removal or tree pruning
  • Painting of tanks
  • Fire sprinkler installation or service
  • Swimming pool installation, service or repair
  • Removal of any asbestos
  • Roofing work unless incidental to a remodeling project; a C-39 roofing license is not allowed
  • Risks with subcontractor costs greater than $400,000
  • Risks with more than $20,000 incurred losses (including expenses), more than two (2) claims or construction defect claims within the past four (4) years
  • Risks involved in water damage, fire damage, or mold damage repair or remediation as the General Contractor

General Liability Coverage

The Victory Non-Admitted Contractor Program provides General Liability Coverage for artisan/trade contractors for both commercial and residential work. It is designed to meet the needs of small artisan contactors conducting business within the trades and construction industry. Credit is available for the service, repair and replacement ONLY risks. See the eligible classes for a list of construction and service contractors we can write. Contractors are also limited by their size. Policies may be written for one year and renewed annually. See rating for definition of payrolls. The AmTrust No Loss Warranty Form is accepted in lieu of loss runs for accounts with premium less than $7,500.

You can submit artisan contractors who perform new construction in tract home subdivisions of up to 15 homes. A tract development is defined as: A project or premise in which multiple architecturally identical, nearly-identical, or similar homes are built.

Contractors performing 100% service and repair work for residential and commercial projects are given special consideration in the program. Additionally, we accept small remodeling General Contractors, including those who complete room additions.

Limits and deductible

Premises/Operations with selected limits of insurance including Products/Completed Operations, Personal Injury and Advertising Injury, Fire Damage - $100,000 and Medical Expense - $5,000 coverage is provided on an occurrence basis.

The deductible applies to property damage and bodily injury on a per claim basis.

Explanation of Subcontractors

All subcontractors must name the Applicant as an Additional Insured on the subcontractors' policies (provide the Applicant with an AI and certificate showing this) and carry limits of insurance as follows:

  • If Applicant's occurrence limits are $500,000: Subcontractor's limits need to be $500,000 or higher for occurrence AND aggregate OR
  • If Applicant's occurrence limits are $1,000,000: Subcontractor's limits need to be $1,000,000 or higher for occurrence AND aggregate
Audit Basis

General Liability premiums and exposures are subject to final audit. Earned premium for the exposure will be determined at the end of the policy period.

Waiver of Premium

Additional or return premium account balances of $10.00 or less will be waived.


Please refer any risk that has been cancelled or non-renewed to Builders & Tradesmen's Insurance Services, Inc. prior to submission. We ask that full information regarding the reason for cancellation or non-renewal and the conditions or preventive steps taken by the Applicant be provided.


Policies will be prorated (without penalties) when cancelled for one of the following reasons:

  • At the request of the carrier
  • Nonpayment of premium
  • Insured no longer has a financial or insurable interest in the property or business operations

When a policy is cancelled for any reason other than outlined above, a short rate penalty of 10% of the prorated unearned premium will apply.


To avoid a lapse in coverage, all outstanding issues must be addressed and/or payments must be received by Builders & Tradesmen's Insurance Services, Inc. prior to the cancellation date.

Additional Insureds and Certificates of Insurance

Brokers have the authority to issue Certificates of Insurance and to attach the Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement Form NX GL 189 (CG 2010 07-04 equivalent) to the certificate. If any special wording is required on the Additional Insured endorsement, then the request must be submitted to BTIS for issuance.

The Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement Form NX GL 189 (CG 2010 07-04 equivalent) is available for all risks at no premium charge and will be attached to all policies.

The Scheduled Additional Insured Endorsement Form NX GL 188 (CG 2010 11-85 equivalent) is available for a one time fully earned premium of $500 per policy term. This form excludes any residential work.

The CG 2037* is available for specific jobs where the risk is service and repair only:

  • Home Depot or Lowes - no additional premium
  • Contract directly for the homeowner - no additional premium
  • Commercial work - no additional premium
  • Work for a residential General Contractor, contract value under $15,000 - no additional premium
  • Work for a residential General Contractor, contract value over $15,000 - $250 per endorsement

         *Form CG 3263 is used for Oregon policies.

Annual Minimum Premiums

General Liability Limit

Minimum Premium

Occurrence GL form (CG 00 01)

Varies By State

Occurrence form with Manifestation Provision

Varies By State

Definition of Payroll Allocation

Owner/Officer Payroll
Includes proprietors, partners and officers active in the business - except those that exclusively handle clerical duties. Minimum payroll for each active owner varies by state. If all owners are clerical or sales, then the minimum payroll is charged for one owner only (plus any employee payroll).

Employee Payroll Includes
Payroll of employees (exclusions noted below), clean up workers, tradesmen, casual laborers, leased employees and labor pool personnel.

Employee Payroll Does Not Include
Proprietors, partners, officers, sales only and clerical office employees.       

Explanation of Subcontractors and Their Cost

If subcontractors are used then you will need the total cost of payment to those subcontractors. The operations performed by the subcontractors for the Applicant will also be required (i.e.: painting, flooring, etc.).

  • 300,000/300,000/300,000
  • 500,000/500,000/500,000
  • 500,000/1,000,000/1,000,000
  • 1,000,000/1,000,000/1,000,000
  • 1,000,000/2,000,000/1,000,000
  • 1,000,000/2,000,000/2,000,000

Available deductibles range from $0 to $2,500.

Payment Options

BTIS Financed
BTIS can arrange premium financing through Best Choice Premium Finance.

Full Annual Premium
The Producer may withhold commission and remit net payment in full.

Producer Financed
The Producer may arrange financing with their vendor of choice.

Available Additional Insured Forms
  • Blanket Additional Insured Endorsement Form NX GL 189 (CG 2010 07-04 equivalent)
  • Scheduled Additional Insured Endorsement Form NX GL 188 (CG 2010 11-85 equivalent)
  • Completed Operations Additional Insured Endorsement Form CG 2037 (CG 3263 in Oregon)
  • Engineers, Architects or Surveyors Not Engaged by the Named Insured - CG 2007 (07-04)
  • Managers or Lessor of Premise - CG 2011 (01-96)
  • State or Political Subdivisions - Permits - CG 2012 (07-98)
  • Mortgagee, Assignees or Receiver - CG 2018 (11-85)
  • Lessor of Leased Equipment - CG 2028 (07-04)
Contractors Miscellaneous Tools and Small Equipment
  • For equipment valued under $1,500
  • $5,000 limit
  • $1,000 deductible
  • Very low premiums
  • Multi Policy Credit applied to the AmTrust Inland Marine Coverage when written with the General Liability policy
  • The AmTrust Inland Marine policy fee is waived when written with the General Liability policy


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out more? 

Use our live support for an immediate response or call your CSR or Underwriter toll free at 877.649.6682.

How do I get a quote?
Use our online Victory General Liability submission system.

If I am having system problems, what do I do?
Use our live support for an immediate response or call your CSR or Underwriter toll free at 877.649.6682.

Can I write B licensed contractors?
B licensed contractors that are acting as specific trade contractors or remodelers are eligible. B licensed contractors acting as a General on any new residential or new commercial jobs are not eligible.

How is new residential work defined?
New residential work is defined as work being performed on newly constructed properties that are not yet certified for occupancy. Remodeling, replacing or adding items to an existing occupied structure (i.e. adding new wiring, new cabinetry, new carpet, etc.) is not considered new work.

What classes are not eligible for new residential work?
We cannot write risks performing new residential work in any of the following operations: framing, concrete foundations, plaster, stucco, drywall, plumbing or siding and gutter installation.

How do I bind a policy?
Email ( or fax (916.772.9292) your request to bind, including the desired effective date and the binding documents requested online (signed by both the Agent and the Insured). To get to your binding documents, go online and select your submission, then click on the blue "Binding Documents" button.

This information is provided as a guideline only and is subject to change with or without notice.