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Workers Compensation Coverage

Workers Compensation is a no-fault system of compensation in which Employees who are injured at work may obtain payment for lost wages, medical costs and occupational rehabilitation expenses without regard to their personal negligence or fault. In exchange for this no-fault system, employees give up their right to sue their Employers directly for negligence or other damages.

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Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of Insurance (including all certificates for the CSLB, etc.) will be issued by the agent of record and maintained locally by the agent. BTIS reserves the right to inspect certificates at any time, including during the audit or inspection of the policy.

Waivers of Subrogation

Waivers of Subrogation are available and should be requested during the quoting process.

  • Blanket Waiver of Subrogation: 2.5% of total premium, subject to $750 minimum
  • Specific Waiver of Subrogation: 5% of job premium, subject to $250 minimum

  • Final Audit on All Policies

    Workers Compensation premiums and exposures are subject to final audit. Earned premium for the exposure will be determined at the end of the policy period.

    Additional Insured Guidelines

    Additional Insureds cannot be added onto Workers Compensation policies

    Previously declined due to class code selection? BTIS Clear Spring has many eligible class code including, but not limited to:

    • Carpentry - low/high wage
    • Painting: Wallpaper install, oil/gas storage tanks, waterproofing - low/high/wage
    • Plumbing - low/high wage
    • Refrigeration - low/high wage
    • Heating/Air Conditioning - low/high wage
    • Electrical Wiring - low/high wage
    • Landscape Gardening
    • Contractors: executive level supervisors
    • Concrete/Cement Work - low/high wage
    • Concrete/Cement Work: sidewalks - low/high wage
    • Wallboard Installation - low/high wage
    • Tile/Stone/Mosaic/Terrazzo Work
    • Trucking Firms
    • Express Companies
    • Mobile Crane/Hoisting Service
    • Janitorial Services
    • Apt/Condo Operation - N.O.C. - other
    • Comm/Resident Mixed Use - Other
    • Building Operation - N.O.C. - other companies
    • Church/Temple/Mosque/Synagogue - other
    • Libraries - private - all other employees
    • Cabinet/Fixture/Trim Installation
    • Sign Installation/Repair
    • Masonry - low/high wage
    • Millwright Work
    • Electrical Machinery/Aux Apparatus
    • Sheet Metal Work - low/high wage
    • Heating/Air Conditioning Duct - low/high wage
    • Concrete Construction
    • Excavation - low/high wage
    • Grading Land - low/high wage
    • Land Leveling - low/high wage

    Flexible Direct Bill payment options available:

    Clear Spring Workers Compensation provides a variety of Direct Bill payment options that best fit your Insured's needs

    • Annual:
      premium due on or before policy inception date

    • 2-Pay
      deposit due on or before policy inception date with the remaining due 30 days from inception.

    • 4-Pay
      deposit due on or before policy inception date with the next payments due 30, 60, and 90 days respectively from policy inception

    • 10-Pay
      deposit due on or before policy inception date followed by 9 equal monthly payments, from effective date

    • 12-pay
      deposit due on or before policy inception date followed by 11 equal payments due from effective date

    This information is provided as a guideline only and is subject to change with or without notice.