One-Shot Builders Risk

One-Shot Builders Risk


Commercial Risks

  • Minimum premium as low as $500 (varied by state)
  • Frame - $3 million in value - instant issue
  • Other structure types - up to $20 million

Residential Risks
  • Minimum premium as low as $400 (varied by state)
  • Frame - $3 million in value - instant issue
  • Other structure types - up to $20 million

$1,000 / $2,500 / $5,000 / $10,000 deductibles are available as options


An inspection will be made after a policy is bound

Payment Options

  • Full Annual Payment
  • Producer Financing - The Producer may withhold commission and remit net payment in full

Mortgagee and Loss Payee form is available

Request by email:

Policies may be written for one year (or less) and extended coverage is available subject to additional underwriting review.
The rating information needed to develop a price indication is as follows:
  • Project type:
      •  New Construction
      •  Remodeling/Renovation with No Existing Structure coverage
      •  Remodeling/Renovation with Existing Structure coverage
  • Must be a residential or commercial structure
  • The state and zip code that the project is in
  • The Protection class where the project is to be located
  • The construction type of the project, for example:
       • wood frame
       • joisted masonry
       • non-combustible or better
       • fire resistant
       • log home or manufactured home
  • The value of the new construction or remodeling/renovation, and (if the Applicant wants the coverage) the value of the existing structure
  • Also needed when renovation: Will the structure be occupied during remodel and are load bearing members of the existing structure being modified, removed or added? Renovation/Remodel values and existing structure values covered at actual cash value.
Risks Needing Referral to Company
  • Risks with unique building methods or materials (i.e. fabric structures, earthen materials, etc.)
  • Coverage for a project where construction has started more than 60 days prior to our inception date
  • Renovation risks when the existing structure is to be covered and the existing building values are more than twice the new work values
  • Mobile home assembly/construction
  • Construction terms of greater than 12 months
  • Earth Movement and/or Flood Coverage; contact your Underwriter 877.649.6682
  • Buildings undergoing repair and/or replacement due to prior damage on the same construction site
  • Any Insured who has filed for bankruptcy in the last 10 years; contact your Underwriter 877.649.6682
  • Any Insured who has been cancelled or non-renewed by any previous insurance carrier for underwriting or premium payment reasons
Risk Cancelled or Non-renewed by Company

Please refer any risk that has been cancelled or non-renewed to BTIS prior to submission. We ask that full information regarding the reason for cancellation or non-renewal and the conditions or preventive steps taken by the Applicant be provided (cancellations are prorated with no minimum earned).

  • Risks with more than 3 builders risk claims in the past 3 years
  • Risks with a loss ratio of more than 50% in the past 3 years
  • Risks where the project’s builder/contractor has been in business as a home builder or re-modeler for less than 2 years or proposed builder/contractor has less than 2 years of experience as a construction manager or supervisor
  • Risks where the remodeling is being done as a result of prior property damage (i.e. flood, earth movement, fire or water damage); contact your Underwriter 877.649.6682
  • Risks with a current active brush or wild fire within 50 miles of the construction site; contact your Underwriter 877.649.6682

How do I get a quote?

Use our online One-Shot Builders Risk system. If your account falls outside of the parameters of the online issuance process, you will be informed that the risk must first be submitted to your Underwriter for review and subject to approval before coverage can be bound.

How do I get a renewal quote?

Our Builders Risk programs do not give automatic renewals. You can request an extension by email:

Can BTIS finance this for me?

No, premium is to be paid in full and is fully earned (with the exception of NM policies)

This information is provided as a guideline only and is subject to change with or without notice.