Great American Insurance Group

Great American Insurance Group

Workers' Compensation

Protecting hundreds of niche industries with expert insurance solutions.

Great American Insurance Group has many Work Comp class codes available including (but not limited to):


  • Ceramic Tile, Indoor Stone, Marble, or Mosaic Work
  • Plumbing
  • Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Landscape Gardening
  • Janitorial/Commercial Cleaning
  • Alarm Installation
  • Cabinet Installation/Interior Trim


  • Automobile or Truck Repair Facilities w/o Retail Gasoline Sales
  • Automobile or Truck Oil and Fluid Replacement Service Facilities
  • Auto Parts Store


  • Colleges or Schools - Private - No Automobile Schools
  • Day Care Centers - Child - Not Residential Care Facilities - All Employees


  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Credit Unions, Banks, Savings Institutions, Consumer Lending/Credit Card Issuing


  • Hotel/Motel/Bed and Breakfast Inns
  • Clubs - Country or Golf
  • Property Management/Apartment/Condominium Complex
  • Building Operations/Property Management
  • Apartment or Condominium Complex Operation for Seniors - Age Restricted


  • Physicians' Practices and Outpatient Clinics
  • Dentist and Dental Surgeons
  • Dental Labs
  • Optometry
  • Hospitals - Veterinary
  • Medical Labs


  • Macaroni, Pasta, Noodle mfg.
  • Cracker, Cakes/Pastries, or Tortilla mfg.
  • Fruit Juice or Concentrate mfg.
  • Pillow, Quilt Comforter or Cushion mfg.
  • Boot or Shoe Manufacturing or Repairing
  • Bag mfg.
  • Leather Goods mfg.
  • Pattern or Model mfg. - metal, plastic or wood
  • Pattern or Model mfg.
  • Picture Frame Assembly
  • Furniture Assembly - other than metal
  • Fixtures or Lamp mfg.
  • Jewelry mfg.
  • Electronics Industry: Electrical Connector mfg.
  • Machine mfg. - office or sewing - noc.
  • Electronics Industry: Electric Power or Transmission Equipment
  • Electronics Industry: Electrical Wiring Harness mfg.
  • Instrument mfg. Electrical and Non-Electrical
  • Speaker mfg
  • Paper Coating and Laminating / Computer Printing Ribbon
  • Envelope mfg., Printing, Pen or Mechanical Pencil mfg.
  • Cosmetic, Personal Care or Perfumery Products
  • Magnetic Tape mfg


  • Insurance Agencies
  • Auditors, Accountants, Factory Cost or Office Systematizers - all employees
  • Accounting Firm
  • Attorneys - all employees
  • Real Estate Agencies - all
  • Engineers - Consulting - Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Mining Engineers and Architects
  • Architectural or Engineering Firm - Clerical
  • Clerical Office Employees
  • Computer Programming, Software Development, Web Designers
  • Computer System Designers or Programmers: Traveling
  • Barber Shops, Hair Styling and Personal Salons and Personal Appearance Services - all Employees
  • Video Post Production
  • Graphic Design and Electronic Pre-Press
  • Salesperson - Outside
  • Clerical Telecommuter Employees
  • Photographer (all Employees) (Portrait)


  • Retail Bakery
  • Sandwich Shop
  • Restaurant: Fastfood, Casual/Family, Fine Dining
  • Concessionaires
  • Beverage Preparation (coffee, tea, juice...)
  • Ice Cream/Yogurt Shops
  • Doughnut Shops
  • Caterers
  • Cafeterias, Grill Buffets and Buffets
  • Mobile Food Service
  • Stores - Florists
  • Stores - Clothing, Wearing Apparel
  • Stores - Eyewear - wholesale or retail/stores - jewelry - wholesale or retail
  • Stores - Furniture
  • Stores - Hardware
  • Dry Cleaning or Laundry
  • Cosmetics, Shoes, Computers, Office Supplies, Art Supplies, Gift/Stationary/Card Stores
  • Toys, Records/Video/Recorded Media, Kitchen or Cookware Stores, Musical Instruments (not pianos or organs), Software
  • Coffee, Tea or Spice Stores (can be restaurant), Ice Cream/Yogurt and Smoothie Stores (can be restaurant)
  • Dairy Product Stores/Deli/Fruit and Veggie Stores

Flexible payment options available:

Great American Insurance Group provides a variety of options that best fit your Insured's needs

Billing Plan Options:

  • Monthly Equal: 0% down and monthly payments with the total due 1 month prior to expiration
  • PrePaid: No Installments
  • Monthly 25%: 25% down and monthly payments with the total due 3 months prior to expiration
  • Quarterly Equal: 4 equal installments, with the total due 3 months prior to expiration
  • Semi-Annual Equal: 2 equal installments, with the total due 6 months prior to expiration
  • Pay As You Go

  • Pay Online (Direct Bill and Agency Bill customers):
    Pay online with Great American's free and secure online payment service.
    To register today, visit: Great American Insurance Group: MyBilling

  • Pay by Mail (option for Agency Bill customers):
    Make a check or money order payable to "Great American Insurance Group" and remit to:

    Regular Mail
    Great American Insurance Group
    3561 Solutions Center
    Chicago, IL 60677-3005

    Overnight Mail
    PNC Bank c/o Great American Insurance Group
    Lockbox Number 773561
    350 East Devon Avenue
    Itasca, IL 60143

This information is provided as a guideline only and is subject to change with or without notice.